great book to read

I have a great self help book called the 7 habits of highly effective people by Steven R.Covey..This book is talks about there are 7 common habits that highly effective people have in common..This book is something that you just don’t read once and put on the shelf..The principles listed in this book are very usefull in everyday life.The reason I started reading this book again is because I felt like I am missing something in life and looking for answers to some of my problems in my life..My finances are in shambles, im a known procrastinator, and im definitely not living up to my full potential..I have lots of knowledge on many different types of investments and in rideshare driving and I have been sitting on this knowledge not doing nothing useful with it..Recently, I had some minor events happen to me that shed some light on what my real problem is..So that is what led me to this book..Actually, I had read the book several years ago and was very familiar with the concepts..Im not sure why I stopped using the book before but im starting back to using it again..I have come to the conclusion that it is time for a necessary change in my life and I know that this book is a great starting point..Its time for me to make use of my time and talents and not sit on them..


failure to plan

Today I want to discuss the importance of having a written down plan of action..As a business owner you should always have a solid plan of action..It should be flexible in case there is a need to change something..if you want to truly be successful in business then you must have a flexible plan of action..Situations can change in a moments notice but if you have a flexible plan of action then you can be prepared for just about anything that comes your way..If you don’t have a flexible plan of action then you are not setting yourself up for success, you are setting yourself up for major failure..I am a living witness to this because all my life I have heard this but unfortunately I never followed it..And now I am experiencing some financial consequences that could have been avoided..Now I’m in a hole so damn deep that it is no longer a hole, it is an abyss..The reality of this situation hit me this morning when I tried to get money from my bank for some weekend fun..But when I called the bank they were closed and I was so sure that they would be open..Forget about the fact that the money in there should have been for bills anyway, I was pissed because I have no weekend party money..That’s when it hit me..If had myself a financial plan of action all of this could have been avoided..But I have a nasty habit of procrastinating..If I can put it off and do it later then that’s what I do..I have done it all my life and look at what it has gotten me, damn near 40 yrs old and with 2 bankruptcies, 2 cars with negative equity, 3 repossessions, 2 foreclosed homes, and a mound of debt, and a credit rating that screams oh hell no!! The only good thing i have now is my job, and my rideshare business..The time for change is now!! The pain of living like this has become greater than the pain of changing for the better..For those of you who are in a similar situation it is time for a change..If you want to be successful in business and in life you must start with a flexible plan of action..My first place to start is with a book called first things first by Stephen R Covey and another book he wrote called the 7 habits of highly effective people..

The time is now.

It’s all over social media about the actions of the tnc’s.. (transportation network companies ) One driver complained about a rating he received from a customer because the driver would not take 5 people in his 4 passenger vehicle.. (illegal )..The passenger gave the driver 1 star and actually said this was the reason why!! Then you have drivers who where stiffed out of their driver bonuses from Lyft..Uber has admitted to a data breach that happened months ago and now people’s accounts are being sold on the net for a $1..Then you have Uber who wants to have cops randomly take rides and monitor driver activities to make sure drivers are following “policy “..And let’s not forget about the fact that they control prices and lower them at will..As drivers we need to take a stand against these practices and DEMAND the respect that we deserve. .THE TIME IS NOW..Join us and let’s make a difference one voice at a time

being prepared for this business

As a driver I cannot stress the importance of having a plan for this rideshare business..You have to treat this as a business in order to be successful at this..I have a 2006 Hyundai sonata and right now my car is in the shop because of some needed repairs..So now I’m sitting here at home not making any money..needless to say I am miserable right now..I would much rather be out doing what I love the most which is driving Uber/lyft..I made great money while I was driving but I did not save money like I should have..So now I’m sitting here pissed off because I have no money to fix my ride and I can’t drive..As a driver in this business you need a savings of at least $1000 for emergencies.. I also recommend a separate credit card or debit card for your rideshare business..Use that for your gas, oil changes, tune ups, supplies for your business..You also need to be prepared for people that vomit in your car..You should have a cleaning kit in your trunk..Drivers should also offer bottle water and candy and music..It is important to treat your car like it is your golden goose..Without your wheels you are out of business! !

the rideshare industry

Hello there name is LaDon buster and I drive Uber/ Lyft ┬áin Cleveland ohio..I would encourage everyone to join the ride hail association..there are a lot of things that drivers need to know about rideshare driving..Also as drivers we need to stick together and stand up for what’s right..